11-09-11 [little info on tfs]

1.Once you have connected to the TFS you can create a new project by clicking New Team Project on the File menu
2.Next click close on the Team Project Created page. The Wizard opens the overview page which displays the team project hierarchy nodes.
3.The most important nodes are the Work Items node, which gives you the capability of adding work items and creating viewing queries in the work item database.
4.The Documents node, which gives you access to all documents such as functional specifications, process guidance, and risk assessment which are filed on the project

5.The Reports node, which gives you access to all team reports.
6.The Builds node, which gives you access to the team project builds
7.And the Source Control node, which gives you access to the source control management

After you have created a team project you must then configure individual settings such as permissions, groups, build configurations, areas and iterations, and source

control. Settings can be modified from the Team Explorer [pend] [****** explained with images]


TFS–>configuring[by accessing with valid username password], getting latest source code to local machine using GetLatest version option, knowing about Team explorer{work items-> my queries, Team queries},


The Gated Check-in Build in TFS2010 will prevent broken builds by not automatically committing your pending changes to the repository, but the system will instead create a separate shelveset that will be picked up by the Gated Check-in Build. The build itself will finally decide if the pending changes need to be committed to the repository based on the applied quality gates.


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